About Us

Our Society’s Mission:   To provide and facilitate the assembly of Canadians of Hellenic descent who reside in the City of Toronto and elsewhere in the Province of Ontario, who originated form the Province of Thessaloniki and this includes their descendants or spouses or those people who have lived in Thessaloniki for a period of not less than five (5) years are our Regular Members.

Associate members may become members of our Society who do not originate from Thessaloniki, Greece, who support the society’s objectives, purposes and values and pay the annual membership fee.  Please note Associate members do not have voting rights and can not hold office.

The Executive Committee:  

Domna Siskopoulos – President 
Katy Manoukas-Nikolaidis – 1st Vice-President                                                                                    Ann (Anthoula) Papazoglou – 2nd Vice-President & Website Administrator                                Miltiadis Tsavdaridis – Director & The Secretary General
Denny Manoukas – Director, Treasurer & Website Administrator
Nikolaos Christidis – Director & Building Manager 
Panagiota Ammanatidou – Director & Lead Technical Consultant for Building                  Dimitrios Gekopoulos – Director
Alexandro Stsikoulis – Director