New Members & Membership Price


Our next General Assembly Meeting is taking place on Sunday, January 22, 2023 at 1 pm at Pan-Macedonian Federation of Canada – 406 Danforth Ave., Toronto Ontario, 2nd floor.

Join us for the Cutting of the Vasilopita, Coffee & Tea at 1 pm and the General Assembly Meeting will take place after.

New Regular Members are welcome to join our Society who originated from the City of Thessaloniki and this includes their descendants, or spouses or those people who have lived in Thessaloniki for a period of not less than five (5) years.  Membership is $25 for Single person or $50 for Family Membership.

In addition to the Regular Members, the Board may admit to the membership of the Society to individuals or organizations who do not originte from Thessesaloniki provided that such individuals support the objectives, purposes and values of the Society and pay the annual membership fee for Associate Members.  Associate Members do not have voting rights and can not hold office.

Honourary members who may or may not originate from Thessaloniki, Greece may be appointed by the board and ratified by the General Assembly for his/her exemplary service to the Society, Hellenism, or where that person’s life or works exemplify the highest standards of the objects and purposes, mission, vision and values of the Society.   Honourary Members do not pay Membership fees, they do not have voting rights and cannot hold office.